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Jambojet Gift Voucher Frequently Asked Questions

What can I spend a Jambojet gift voucher on?

Jambojet gift vouchers can be used as payment for flights and associated taxes, fees and charges.

What are the Jambojet gift voucher denomination options?

Jambojet gift vouchers are issued in the following denominations: KES 1,000, KES 2,500, KES 5,000, KES 10,000, KES 20,000, KES 50,000 and USD 10, USD 25, USD 50, USD 100, USD 200, USD 500. The maximum purchasable amount per transaction is KES 1,000,000 or currency equivalent in USD.

How are gift vouchers sent out?

We will send the gift voucher by email to you or your recipient.

How do I use my voucher?

Go to, choose flights and enter the voucher details on the payment page and complete.

Can I use the gift voucher for two bookings?

Yes, Jambojet gift vouchers can be redeemed over more than booking. Any unused gift voucher balances will remain on the card subject to validity.

Are gift vouchers transferrable?

Yes, gift vouchers can be transferred to another person. There is no restriction on who can redeem it so please keep the voucher safe to avoid loss.

Can gift vouchers be redeemed for group bookings?

Gift vouchers can be redeemed for a maximum of 9 guests per booking.

Can gift vouchers be redeemed through travel agents?

A gift voucher cannot be redeemed through travel agents.

Can I pay for a gift voucher with a credit card?

Yes. You can pay via credit card, debit card, cash and mobile money too.

Can I exchange a gift voucher for cash?

No, gift vouchers will not be redeemed or exchanged for cash, cheque, or credit.

I can’t find my voucher. Can I get it replaced?

Gift vouchers are not replaceable if lost, stolen, or destroyed so please keep your voucher safe.

Are the gift vouchers refundable?

Jambojet gift vouchers are non-refundable. If you think you’ve made a mistake in your booking, contact us on +254 0203274545, 0711024545, 0734104545 or at any Jambojet sales offices.

Do the gift vouchers expire?

Yes. Gift vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of the issue date.