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New Baggage Policy

Bag a Baggage Deal

With our new baggage rates, the more you carry the more you save!

Starting 02nd October 2017, we are giving you the freedom to carry even more. We have reduced our checked-in baggage rates and at the same time have increased the checked-in baggage allowance, meaning now you can bring more for less!

Pre-Paid Baggage

Pricing Levels in Kes.

0 – 20Kgs


21 – 26 Kgs


27 – 32 Kgs




  • Pre-Paid Baggage is baggage that is paid for in advance by the passenger before their flight

  • Baggage paid for at the airport is double the Pre-Paid Baggage rates. We encourage you to book your baggage in advance.


  • What if I had already bought my baggage before2nd October, 2017 will I have to pay extra?

No, your baggage will remain as it is and will not attract any extra baggage fees as the baggage rates are effective from date of purchase, that is 2nd  October, 2017.

  • What if I had already bought my baggage before2nd October, 2017 and now the price has gone lower, will I be eligible for a refund?

No, we will not be refunding as the policy is effective from the date of purchase i.e. 2nd October, 2017.

  • What about Excess Baggage, does it change too?

No, the Excess Baggage fee will not be changing and will remain the same, that is, KShs. 400 per KG.



Baggage Allowance

All passengers are allowed to carry 1 piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10kgs. Hand Luggage is restricted to the following:

  • 1 piece of hand baggage (Maximum weight: 10kg. Dimensions:55cm X 35cm X 25cm)

Any piece of baggage exceeding these dimensions (oversize bag) but within the allowed weight shall be accepted as hold (checked in) luggage at a charge.


Hold Luggage 

Jambojet does not have a checked in allowance but passengers can purchase up to 2 checked in (hold) bags as they require. Passengers with hold luggage can purchase baggage allowance from differing weight groups. 

Any baggage that exceeds the paid baggage allowance bought will attract an excess fee as listed below and also in our Fees page.



Infants not occupying a seat can also carry 1 piece of hand baggage and a fully collapsible stroller. 


Electrical devices

You must be able to activate any electronic devices (e.g. cd players, laptops, video cameras) at the security checkpoint. If you are unable to do so, you must pack these items in your checked baggage.

  • Cellular telephones cannot be used at any time during the flight. All cellular telephones must be switched off.

  • Devices that are permitted on board are: voice recorders, calculators, laptop computers, hand held CD players, hand-held electronic devices, computer games and photographic equipment.


Restricted Carry On Items

In addition, passengers are not allowed to carry the following items in their hand baggage for passengers’ safety and security reasons. To minimize inconvenience, you are advised to check in or put these items in your checked baggage instead:

  • Knives (including hunting knives, swords, and pocket knives)

  • Scissors and any other sharp/bladed objects (e.g. ice-pick, nail clippers) 

  • Weapons such as whips, baton, or stun gun

  • Toys guns/gun shaped items or look-alikes, hand-cuffs

  • Sporting equipment such as baseball/cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, billiard cues

  • Devices with spillable batteries

  • Aerosols (hair sprays, perfumes, medicines containing alcohol) not exceeding 0.5KG/L per article and 2.0KG/L in total weight

  • Baby strollers

  • Any other items which are deemed security hazards by local law

  • Any other items that resemble or have similar functions to the above items

Please note that these items will be retrieved at the boarding gate by the local authorities and depending on local conditions, the items may not be returned to you.

Examples of personal items permitted in carry-on baggage include:

  • Electronic equipment such as cell phones, portable music players, laptops

  • Non-metallic nail files

  • Syringes or needles for personal medical use with needle guard in place. These have to be accompanied by the medication in its original labeled container.

For Your Convenience

Before proceeding to the departure area, please check and ensure that your hand baggage quantity, weight and dimensions meet the recommended guidelines. The airport authorities have placed hand baggage sizers at check-in counters and at the entrance to departure halls. Please use these sizers to ensure that your hand baggage size conforms to the stated measurements.

If your hand baggage does not conform to the size specified, airline personnel may disallow entry into the departure area. You will then have to return to the check-in counter.

*Please note that any unbooked or additional baggage will be charged at a higher airport rate (double the published rates above). Kindly endeavour to book in advance.  

Should you need further assistance, please consult our airline passenger handling staff.

Starting 02nd October 2017 the following baggage rates apply * 

 Prepaid Baggage Pricing Levels in Ksh
 0 - 20Kgs 750
 21-26Kgs 1750
 27-32Kgs 2750


*Please note that these schedules may be subject to change.
*Airport baggage rates are double the standard baggage rates.





What not to carry in checked in baggage:

  • Explosives, munitions, fireworks, and flares

  • Security-type cases/boxes incorporating goods such as lithium batteries or pyrotechnics

  • Compressed gases (flammable, non-flammable, or poisonous) such as butane, propane, aqualung cylinders, lighter fuels, or refills

  • Oxidizing substances such as bleaching powder and peroxides

  • Flammable liquids such as paints and adhesives

  • Flammable solids such as safety matches and articles which are easily ignited

  • Disabling devices such as mace or pepper sprays, with irritant properties

  • Poisons such as arsenic, cyanides, or insecticides

  • Radioactive materials

  • Corrosive materials such as mercury (which may be contained in thermometers or blood pressure gauges,) acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries

  • Any other substances which, during a flight, present a danger not covered above, such as magnetized, offensive, or irritating materials

  • Lighters (butane, absorbed fuel, electric, battery-powered, and novelty lighters) are not to be carried on the person, or in the carry-on and checked baggage.

          Unauthorised items


Sporting equipment


  • A Bike will always be excess baggage on all Jambojet flights and excess charges shall apply

Diving Equipment

  • The diving equipment may consist of: Wet suit, vest, socks, mask, shoes, webs, knife, empty oxygen cylinders and regulator. The cylinders must be empty and battery and lamp disconnected. The standard baggage rules apply for diving equipment. Where allowance is exceeded, apply the special Excess baggage charge.

Fishing Equipment

  • Normal weight allowance applies. For every kilo in excess apply the normal applicable excess charge.



Pet / Animal Carriage

Jambojet does not carry animals in its flights.