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Malindi is a town on Malindi Bay, in southeastern Kenya. It sits on a stretch of tropical beaches dotted with hotels and resorts.It is 120 kilometers northeast of Mombasa and approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes from Nairobi by flight. Jambojet flies daily between Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Malindi Airport. Check out our flight schedule and book your flight today!



It's a bustling town that doesn't quite have the architecture of Lamu or the easy-going charm of Watamu, but it makes up for it with several worthwhile historical sights, its own marine national park and some fantastic stretches of beach. Temperatures in Malindi are warm in all seasons making it an all year round destination.

If you are looking for loads of sunshine, crystal clear waters or just a walk through the alleys of an ancient town decked with classic Swahili architecture, then Malindi is the place to be. The town is quite the charmer with its terrific Italian food, turtles and flamboyant colorful fish.


Let’s Get Wet

The beaches of Malindi make perfect grounds for a host of exciting water activities. There is literally no limit to what you can do on these white beaches. Diving, Snorkeling, Kite surfing you name it, it’s all available in Malindi Marine National Park & Reserve. One of the most thrilling experiences here is viewing the underworld from a glass-bottomed boat.

Turn up the heat in Hell’s Kitchen - Marafa Depression

This magnificent canyon is situated about half an hour’s drive from Malindi. As the name suggests, the canyon can reach high temperatures of up to 50 degrees during the day. The canyon has become part of the local folklore and many mythical stories have been used to explain its existence. It is definitely a must visit.

Save the Turtle

Highlight your vacation by doing a good deed, returning the favor to mother earth. Malindi coast is well known for its turtles, providing critical nesting areas for the green, olive ridley and hawks-bill turtle. You can visit the Watamu Turtle Watch Program which is a community-based marine conservation organization. The program plays as a front runner in the battle against poaching by educating the locals on turtle-friendly fishing methods. It also rehabilitates injured and unhealthy turtles, and provides accommodation and training for visitors interested in helping with the turtle conservation and rehabilitation.

Ancient Ruins of Gedi

There is something enchanting about the mysterious ruins of this olden village. The coral walls hold the secrets of a village that once thrived but now lies deserted in the middle of a tropical forest. Situated about 15km from Malindi, this site is one of the main attractions to visit while in Malindi. Among the things to see are the remains of houses made of coral bricks, a palace and a mosque. Some of the items found in the ruins include vases from the Ming dynasty. The Ruins of Gedi is one of the historic sites attracting various archaeological studies.

Visit Bio-Ken Snake Farm

If you’re interested in learning about some slithering creatures native to the East African coast then the Bio-Ken Snake Farm is the place to visit. The farm houses the largest collection of snakes in East Africa. A diverse and interesting selection of Kenyan snakes of all colors and sizes can be found in this farm. It also happens to be one of the world’s most renowned snake research centers, specializing in anti-venom research and producing antidotes for snake-bite victims throughout the region.

Fun fact: The farm supplied most of the snakes for the Indiana Jones films.


Italian Cuisine

Baby Marrow refers to zucchini. But no, zucchini is not the primary ingredient in their dishes. They have a feast of yummy Italian food and an extensive wine list. The service is also very commendable. Another restaurant that will leave you licking your fingers is La Griglia Restaurant. It is located at casino Malindi and is described as the very epitome of Italian food with a rustic and authentic feel. If you’re looking for a great entertainment spot then you can always pop into the casino or bar after your crab salad and pasta. Their desserts are also worth sampling. Malindi is a town with more than a handful of Italian restaurants, but we are not complaining. Rosada Beach Restaurant is also one such restaurant. Rosada means pink in Italian, and perhaps this explains why you’ll spot a lot of pink here. The food is undeniably great and Sundays are particularly popular for the excellent and extensive buffet.

Fresh seafood

Get some of the freshest selection of seafood at Old Man and the Sea on Silversands Street. Established in the 1990’s in a century old colonial building, this restaurant has oodles of character. Think candlelit tables, fine cutlery and the home of the delectable Malindi Smoked Sailfish.

Cuisine Fusion

If you are looking for a change from the Italian restaurants in Malindi then old man and the sea with its history, rustic character and fabulous food is the place for you. The food here is said to be is simple and divine. The restaurant is particularly famous for delicious whole pepper crab. You could also check out Kola Beach Bar which offers sumptuous international cuisine every day of the week. It also has international cocktails and excellent wine and liquors. There are several other joints whose meals are to die for and have generous portions that give value for money.

Indian Food

Pilipan Restaurant is situated in Turtle Bay Rd. It is set on a breezy Swahili-style outdoor terrace and has a spectacular allure particularly after sunset when the place is lit with twinkling fairy lights and candles. It is most popular for sambal squid, camembert samosas, tuna carpaccio and malabar prawn curry. There's also a stylish bar area for sundowners. Taheri Fast Foods on Lamu road is also among the various restaurants that serve Indian food.

Snacks and light meals

Ocean sports restaurant is known for sumptuous sandwiches, burgers and great salads. They also offer finer dining with delicacies such as seared tuna and other seafood. It's heavenly at night, when the ocean rock formations glow under the moon.


There is absolutely no reason to fret about accommodation on your visit to Malindi. This coastal paradise has that covered with accommodation options for every pocket. Voted one of Africa’s most romantic resorts at the World Travel Awards 2017, Diamonds Dream of Africa is definitely one of our top picks. It is located right by the beach on Casuarina road, only 3KM away from Malindi Airport. They describe themselves as the place where the enchanting force of nature melds with the exotic Indo-Arabic architecture to create a hypnotic charm, which, in Swahili, is known as bembeleza. Don’t take their word for it, book your ticket and visit Diamonds Dream of Africa in Malindi.

Other options include White Elephant Hotel Malindi. The Lodge is within a 10-minute drive from Malindi Airport and provides a private beach. Those staying at the property can also enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi throughout their stay. The lodge is praised to be all about tropical sophistication. Those staying at White Elephant Sea Lodge can sit down to a unique dining experience at the on-site restaurant.

Leopard Point Luxury Hotel is also an appealing option with convenient services like water sports facilities, bike hire and car hire. Malindi also has a wide scope of 4- Star hotels like Eden roc hotel Malindi Kenya which is a sister beach hotel to Sai Rock Beach Hotel Mombasa. It is a stylish beachfront hotel that represents a new era in Malindi evolving hospitality industry.

Affordable hotels like Scorpio villas Malindi which is 1 minute walk from the beach in Malindi offers free parking and an airport shuttle. It features a private beach area and garden, as well as a restaurant. Other moderately priced hotels include Driftwood hotel Malindi which is a small and privately owned hotel. It is particularly keen on developing a sense of warmth and familiarity that sees guests returning time and again.

There are other cheaper accommodation options like The Silver Sands Residence which provides 3-star accommodation, as well as a private beach and a swimming pool. Those staying at the property also have access to complimentary wireless internet and on-site parking. Garoda resort watamu has a private beach area and water sports facilities and car hire is available. You can also play table tennis at this resort. The area is popular for snorkeling and diving.

Are you travelling with your family or a group of friends? There are perfect places like the Eden House Cottages. They are Located in Malindi, near Betty's Boutique and Malindi Marine Park Headquarters. They feature a living room, a fully fitted kitchen, and a private bathroom. Some units feature a seating area and/or a terrace. Other options include Park 1 Villas which is a 2 minute walk from the beach. Park 1 Villas Malindi is an apartment featuring a garden. It is set near Malindi District Hospital and Vasco da Gama Pillar. You can also check in at Simba Mweupe House Bed and Breakfast which provides rooms with air conditioning and free WiFi. On top of that, the property has a casino and a garden. We cannot possibly list all accommodation options in Malindi but we have to mention a few favourites like the B&B Villa Waridi. The villa Features a garden and a terrace, Guests can also enjoy a selection of African cuisine in the in-house restaurant.

For more Accommodation options (Yes, there are more!) check out



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