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Kisumu lakeside

Kisumu, an Inland port city in western Kenya is 341.6 Km away from Nairobi. It’s a 6-hour drive and just a 50 minutes flight away from Nairobi, but its tranquil atmosphere contrasts greatly with the hustle and bustle of the capital. Kisumu City lies on a gentle slope that leads to the shores of Lake Victoria. True to its name, “Sumo”- which loosely translates to a place of barter trade, it plays a major role as Kenya’s key trade link with Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kisumu also boasts as home to one of the biggest open air market in Kenya. Check out our flight schedule and book your next flight to Kisumu!



Although Kisumu doesn’t feel like a city with its wide streets, laid back people and fine colonial architecture a lot happens in this quiet port town. To the south of the City, the fishing villages that line Lake Victoria towards the broad waters of Homa Bay are full of life and bubbly residents. Kisumu is internationally famous for being the birthplace of former US president, Barack Obama’s father as well as for its highly fertile land. The locals economically thrive from the produce of sugar and rice.

The real magic however, happens at the lake. Whether you are there for business or a social call, a visit to this town is never complete without taking a leisurely stroll along the shores of Lake Victoria with a gentle breeze blowing on your face. The view in the evening is such a delight as the sun turns everything it touches to gold. As if on cue, the Fish Eagles provide theatrical background music as they call to each other with long haunting cries.

Disclaimer: There is something enchanting about the lake that will make the child in you want to kick off your shoes and join the ecstatic children that are often swimming and playing in the water. Don’t fight it, they say that no one looks stupid while they are having fun.


What not to do in Kisumu City?! The city offers a great range of activities to indulge in. Depending on what you like doing or what you want to explore, Kisumu has it all.
Here are 5 good reasons why you need to fly to Kisumu.

  • Historical sightseeing
    Everyone loves a good trip down memory lane. For an educative history tour, Kisumu Museum is where you want to be. If you are curious about the birthplace of the former US President, Barack Obama’s father, visit Alego Nyangoma Kogelo village and see it for yourself.
  • Business
    You are all about that cash! Did you know that Kisumu offers some of the friendliest investment conditions? That could partly be attributed to the resident’s famous spending culture. One could be correct to term Kisumu as a spending culture rather than a saving one. Why don’t you fly down there and scope out investment opportunities. You could also land a job in Kisumu as the town is on an upward growth curve which increases the number of job opportunities both in the private sector or government sector like Kisumu County jobs.
  • Entertainment
    Maybe you are really into the nightlife, worry not! Kisumu is reputed to really come alive at night. It is said that at night, the usually tranquil city is more lit than Vegas. Revelers profess that Kisumu’s parties are way livelier than Nairobi’s. The Laughing Buddha, for instance, may be better known as a restaurant by day, but DJs reign Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Flora, Fauna and lots of natural African beauty.
    For most people, Wildlife and beautiful sceneries are what they love most about Kisumu. From exotic birds along the volcanic Simbi Lake to chubby hippos at Hippo point Kisumu, Kisumu is blessed with an array of Mother Nature’s work of art. A very popular destination is Kit Mikayi, the legendary stone formation. Also located just a Kilometer from Kisumu’s central business district is the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary a walking sanctuary and holding area for animals which require special protection in this densely populated area. Herds of impalas and zebras roam freely in the sanctuary. Within the sanctuary is an animal orphanage that is home to a collection of caged lions, leopard, cheetahs, baboons, hyena, jackals, bush duikers, bush buck and buffaloes.
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Life is short, let’s eat Gluten… Fish!

Kisumu is famous for fresh, tasty Tilapia fish and Lwang’Ni Beach offers you a variety of delicious fish dishes to choose from. You cannot be in Kisumu and not visit this favorite fish spot. You can nibble some mouth-watering fish with Ugali and end it all with a boat ride.

Aside from fish, there is a wide range of other cuisines available in Kisumu. If you love Indian Cuisine then you have to visit Kisumu Yatch Club for a taste of their delicacies.
Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant takes the trophy for the best Ethiopian cuisine while The Vic Hotel is famous for its African meals. You can pop in at Expresso Coffee House at Hamilton House, Oginga Odinga Street for a caffeine fix in the morning before heading to the beach to watch the sunrise.

Eat at Kiboko Bay and do bring a partner, because the food they serve here can wash away most sins. Or try whole tilapia at Acacia Premier, specially prepared by the in-house chef. For kuku choma, it’s available in abundance at any of the bars along the strip at Wayside. One of the must visits while in Kisumu, and especially after a night out, Ka’Akwacha. Ask for anti-stock theft.


Depending on your budget, there is an expansive array of hotels and accommodation to choose from in Kisumu. Most hotels like Jumuia Hotel Kisumu and Vic Hotel Kisumu offer the basic lodging provisions along with free Wi-Fi, parking and a swimming pool.

Kisumu has numerous 4 star and 5 star hotels for people who are particular about hotel class. Their prices vary greatly as well as their services. For instance, Royal City Hotel has a bar and lounge which might not be available in other hotels, While Vittoria Hotel Kisumu offers airport shuttle and car hire services for the residents at a stipulated charge. This service would be convenient for those who don’t know their way around Kisumu or those with luggage.

While some hotels could be a bit distant from the lake, you can still enjoy the lake’s view from your balcony at some hotels like Sunset Hotel.

Are you looking for a high end kind of accommodation? Some of Kisumu’s best hotels like the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel cater for more luxurious needs. Kisumu also has several Inns, BnBs, guest houses, lodges, and cheap hostels for those looking for special needs lodging.

Don’t stress about accommodation while in Kisumu, there is definitely a lot to choose from.
You can also choose the camping option and have fun pitching tents, telling scary stories under the stars, or roasting marshmallows in a bonfire at Dunga Hill Camp Kisumu.

For more on where to stay while in Kisumu, check out


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