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Eldoret Athlete

Eldoret is a principal city in western Kenya and the fifth largest in the country. It is the second most important city in western Kenya after Kisumu and also serves as the capital of Uasin Gishu County. The name ‘Eldoret’ was coined from the Maasai word, ‘Eldore,’, meaning ‘stony river’, in reference to Sosiani River. With our cheap fares, NOW YOU CAN FLY to Eldoret with Jambojet three times daily from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Eldoret International Airport.



Eldoret is a town with a unique story of origin. Unlike other major towns in Kenya, Eldoret was not founded on the British influence. It actually originated from South African farmers running way from British colonialism. While the life of early Kenyan towns begun with the emergence of dukas from Indian Coolies who had come to construct the railway, the fifth largest town in the country emerged around the Boer farmers, their mud huts and wheat farms, but also a bar called the Rat Pit and the mabati roofed hut which was the Standard Bank of South Africa. The bank was built when a safe fell from an ox-cart and could not be lifted, and so, JM Shaw, the branch manager, decided to build the bank around it!.

Eldoret might be the home of Champions but Iten town, 30 km North-East, is where these runners are sanded to perfection. 2700m above sea level, Iten is home to the High Altitude Training Centre (HATC), founded by Kenyan-Dutch athlete Lornah Kiplagat. It is a modern training centre with top quality equipment and training facilities, boasting a 25m pool and a 400m tartan track approved by the IAAF and Athletics Kenya. World Champions, Olympic Champions and World record holders train here, but the HATC is also open to recreational runners to train, run, chat and dine with the champions.

Apart from that, this north rift town is now home to, Moi University, University of Eldoret, Eldoret Polytechnic, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret International Airport and its famous cheese factory, Doinyo Lessos Creameries.

Did you know that Doinyo Lessos Creameries Cheese Factory produces 20 different varieties of cheese? Who’s up for a cheese tasting excursion? We know we are!


You’ve packed some layered clothes for extra warmth, right? Because the weather in Eldoret tends to get a little bit chilly in some months of the year. Time to pull out the ol’ bucket list of fun activities!

Go on a Running Holiday

People travel to Kenya to experience distance running and to witness how champions are made. Paula Radcliffe and Mo Farah are some of the big names that have over the years made Kenya part of the training ground for their highly successful athletic careers. The two training camps in Iten and Kaptagat sit at between 2,400 meters and 2,800 meters above sea level and have been offering the perfect locations for a combination of high altitude sports and leisure. Wouldn’t it be fun to give your legs a break from the cramped life they have been leading in the office? Well, here is your chance. Book your Jambojet flight to Eldoret, pack your jogging shorts and go sprint with the world’s most elite athletes.

Castle on the hill

Samich Resort is paradise on earth. A modern resort right on the cliff of the Keiyo Escarpment, it looks out over a meandering Kerio river down in the valley. In the evenings, you find yourself engulfed by the Nimbus because that is how high you are above the sea level. Lay your shuka on the manicured lawn and have some cheese and wine or take a walk down the valley to the cool mountain breeze.

Samich has two natural walk-trails: one is horizontal to the escarpment and the other goes down the escarpment. Next to the resort is a massive cliff of rock thatched by a mountain green bush that looks like it’s straight from a scene in the Lord of the Rings. Samich is almost always fully booked so if you intend to visit, please make reservations early and carry a good phone or camera; you might regret if you don’t do that.

Go Hiking! And if you survive it, spend the night camping in Kerio Valley

Hiking is not for the weak at heart. If you’re up for the challenge, then Kerio Valley, one of the tourist attractions in Eldoret, is the place to be. With its clear blue skies, tropical vegetation, and towering eroded blocks, it provides a variety of hiking options ranging from short walks to more challenging routes with descents of up to 1200 m/4000 ft. The more challenging routes would require you to be in a higher fitness level, and prepared in case the expedition takes more than a night. In that case, please carry with you water, food and sometimes a tent. It would be a perfect place to make memories with a group of friends or have a bonding walks with your loved one.

Say cheese!

Cheese tasting is always a good experience especially with friends. Some prefer to have this pungent delicacy on its own while others couple it with wine. Whichever way you like it, you are bound to enjoy the over 20 varieties available at Doinyo Lessos creamery! The creamery is only 15 Kilometers from the Eldoret Internation Airport, right within Eldoret City Centre. It’s a date then! Off we go to Eldoret!


Whether you’re looking for a sit down meal with the family or a quick on-the-go stop, Eldoret has a few restaurants as well as meal suggestions.

African, Italian and Indian cuisines

For a great dining experience, visit Hotel Sirikwa, named after the earliest inhabitants of Eldoret, The Sirikwa. Here, you will marvel at the wide range of African, Italian and Indian cuisines. Hotel Sirikwa is only 15 Kilometers from Eldoret International Airport, and only 2 Kilometers from the city centre, at Oloo Street.

Indian Cuisine

Sunjeel Palace is on Kenyatta Street. Only 15 Kilometers from the Eldoret International Airport, is an old colonial building that houses Sunjeel Palace; an Indian restaurant started back in the 50s. Sunjeel serves a wide array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, seafood and Chicken. Try the Palak chicken served with buttered Naan. Probably 75% of the folks in there will be having it too, and as soon as you’ve had a bite you’ll know exactly why.

Italian and African

Mama Mia is a five minute drive from the busy Town Centre on Nairobi road. Canopied by tall Wattle and Jacaranda trees, the restaurant has a menu of Italian and African food Tuesdays to Sundays. Their signature dish is the Mia’s Pizza, as well as a couple of unique traditions, one of which is serving food in their garden, which at the end of the year is covered in a purple blanket of Jacaranda flowers.

Best breakfast in town.

The Nova Cafe menu has food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It offers several variations of caffeinated drinks ranging from their Mexican Cappuccino to their Nova Ginger Tea, you’ll warm right up with a hot drink and some fluffy pancakes. If you find yourself at Nova Cafe for lunch, try their fried fish or sweet chicken lollipops. Nova cafe is located along Ronald Ngala Street, just 15 kilometers from Eldoret International Airport.

Paul’s Bakery

Anyone in Eldoret who loves fresh baked bread knows Paul’s Bakery. Paul’s Bakery is also known for their delicious chocolate chip cookies. The bakery offers a variety of baked goods from custom cakes to cupcakes. You’ll find Paul’s bakery along Webuye-Malaba road.

Pizza Bistro

Don’t be fooled by the name, Pizza Bistro offers a wide range of continental cuisine. Pizza, burgers, sandwiches and Chinese food are all available on their menu but we suggest you try the chicken shawarma. Find more details about the best places to eat in Eldoret at


There are various accommodation types available in Eldoret. If you’re in town en route to your final destination or hoping to explore the town and looking for a place to rest, there is a nice place right off Ramogi Road.The Boma Inn Eldoret is located just a fifteen minute drive from Eldoret International Airport, Boma Inn offers luxury at its best. For a good night’s sleep on the edge of the world, Kerio View Hotel is the place to go. Perched right on the edge of the Kerio Valley escarpment, Kerio View Hotel has a number of cottages with varnished wood finishes that give a warm and homely feeling. Their large windows and wide sundecks open up to panoramic views of the Tugen Hills and Tiaty— the sacred mountain of the Pokot.

Accommodation in Eldoret is relatively cheaper than other towns and there are very many affordable options for visitors on a budget. One such place is Klique Hotel. It offers guests a serene and ambient atmosphere. It is located along Oginga Odinga Street, which is one of the busiest streets in Eldoret town making the Klique hotel very popular thanks to its strategic location. Another option that is budget friendly is Poa Place Resort. It has some well-built and fully furnished cottages of different statuses as well as a swimming pool. The cottages in Poa Place Hotel in Eldoret range from standard to deluxe rooms with own compounds. Poa place resort in Eldoret is located off the Eldoret- Nairobi highway.

For a night under the stars, head over to Naiberi River Campsite. It is located 16 kilometers away from Eldoret town on the Eldoret- Kaptagat Road. The Naiberi River Campsite and hotel has a lush green well-manicured lawn that is set aside for campers to pitch a tent. It also has some luxurious rooms which are elegantly furnished. You can also get accommodation in the dormitories
Eldoret Club Hotel is located within the outskirts of Eldoret town near Elgon View Estate in Kenya, just 18 Kilometers from Eldoret International Airport. It has 32 cottages and a club house in Kenya. However, Eldoret Club is a member’s only kind of hotel.

Check out for a complete list of accommodation options in Eldoret.



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