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Diani (Ukunda)

Flights to Ukunda


Ukunda Airstrip is the gateway to Kenya’s South Coast. Its about 3-6 kms to many of the Diani Hotels along Diani beach, which has been voted among the top 25 beaches of the world.

South Coast incorporates Diani Beach, Tiwi Beach, Galu beach, Chale Island, Funzi Island, Msambweni & Kinondo.

In Diani, you can expect to find:
- Some of the best fine & powdery, white sand beaches.
- Warm clear ocean.
- Plenty of water sports (e.g.scuba diving; windsurfing; kite surfing; sky diving) , deep sea fishing –golf
- Dhow safaris.

There is a wide choice of accommodation available including 5 star hotels, exclusive boutique hotels, private houses for rent, furnished apartments and self catering cottages.

Jambojet flies between Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Ukunda Airstrip daily. Check out our Jambojet flight schedules to find the best flight for you and book your ticket today.


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