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Enter your details above to view and manage your booking. Please note that this service is accessible from the time of confirmed booking up to 2 hours before flight departure.
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How to Book Online

Booking online on our website is the easiest way to book your Jambojet flights. 

To book your flights using our website, follow these simple steps:

1. Check availability

a) Visit
The booking widget is available on the top menu bar of every page of the Jambojet website so you can book your ticket as you browse.

1 Book


b) Enter the location you would like to travel from



c) Enter your destination 



d) Select your travel dates



For one way travel, skip entering return travel dates. For a return trip, select your preferred return travel date. 



e) Select the number of passengers. Click confirm.



f) Select your preferred currency i.e. Kenyan Shillings or US Dollars. Click 'Search' to check availability.



2. Select Flights

a) Select your preferred flights

All the available fares on your chosen travel dates will appear on the screen. To view flights on other dates please use the arrow buttons on the left and right of the dates and prices in bold for both outbound (departure) and inbound (arrival) flights. Select your preferred flight by clicking the button beside the price. 


If you would like to conduct a new search, simply scroll up to the top of the page and click 'Edit Search". You can also refine the search by re-selecting your origin, destination, travel dates and number of passengers.


b) Select your return flight (where applicable)

10 Flight Selection

The booking summary (fare breakdown) and fare rules can both be reviewed on this page (Desktop/Laptop users can view both on the right side of your screen while mobile users can view this at the top of the page)

10 Fare breakdown

10 Fare rules


c) Review and accept the terms & conditions

10 Terms Conditions


d) If you are not ready to proceed with your booking but don’t want to lose the fare you have found, please take advantage of our Price Lock feature. This will secure your fare for 24 hours. Price Lock is a premium service that attracts a nominal fee separate from the fare.

10 price lock


 e) Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next step of your booking.


3. Passenger Details

a) Enter all required details for the passengers travelling on your booking.
Enter your contact details. Names must be a precise match with the passengers' ID or passport.

b) Enter the passenger(s) birthday or ID/Passport number

11 Document Type


c) Select your baggage allocation.
Please remember that every passenger is allowed to carry 1 piece of carry-on/hand luggage (max dimensions: 55x35x25cms) at no cost but additional hold baggage will attract an extra cost. If no checked baggage shall be carried, please indicate so.

11 Select Bags


d) Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next step of your booking.


4. Pick A Seat

a) You can select your preferred seats for you and/or every passenger in your booking for a fee. Simply click on your preferred seat(s) to make the selection. To deselect, click on the selected seat again. Once you have made your choice, click ‘Continue’ to proceed. You may however skip this step if you wish by simply clicking Skip Seat Selection at the bottom of the page.

12 Seat Selected


b) Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next step of your booking.


5. Contact Details

a) Enter your contact details as well as those of any passengers travelling on your booking. Names must be a precise match with the passengers' ID or documentation. Ensure that the contact details entered at this stage are up to date as we shall use them for all communication with regard to your booking upon confirmation.



6. Review & Pay

a) Select your preferred mode of payment. You can pay for your Jambojet flights by any of the following methods:

  • Visa Credit Card

  • Master Card

  • M-Pesa (paybill: 737700), Airtel Money (jambojet), Equitel(paybill: 737700)

  • Pay cash-over-the-counter or with one of the above payment options at any Jambojet office or visit / call the Jambojet Call Centre 0711024545, 0734104545, 0206424545, 0203274545.

14 Payment Options


b) Click on “Purchase’ to finalize your transaction. 

You shall then receive an itinerary with all of your selected travel details. Payment must be made within one hour or else the booking shall be cancelled.