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Jambojet hits 2.5 million passengers’ milestone

Monday, August 27, 2018

…and to celebrate, get 35 % discount on tickets!


Regional low costcarrier, Jambojet has flown 2.5millionpassengers in only four years of operations,a mark of growth as it continues to connect the region.

As part of celebrating the milestone, the airline will have a 72-hour special fare of Kes 3,000 one-way for 7,000 seats to all its Kenyan destinations.

“This is a major milestone for us, being one of the youngest carriers on the continent to hit such a breakthrough is great. Our aim is to keep fares affordable making it a reality being part of the dream for many to fly”, Jambojet CEO, Willem Hondius said.

“The airline reached its 1 million passengers milestone in February 2016 and in a little more than two years, the number of passengers flown has grown to 2.5 million,”he said.

The offer, will see customers pay as little as Kes 3,000, one-way, to all local destinations which is close to a 35 percent discount on its lowest fare which is usually KES 4,500.

The 72-hour promotion will start onTuesday 28thAugust until Thursday 30th August, or when all 7,000 seats are sold out. Travel dates for the promotion are restricted to between10th September and 14th October, 2018 and are available for tickets on the Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Malindi and Ukunda routes.

This is the second promotion the airline has run this year. The first being in Aprilthis year, where over 10,000 tickets were sold.

Jambojet started its operations in April 2014, with only four destinations and has grown to seven, including Entebbe, Uganda, which is the carrier’s first international destination. Its fleet consisting of five (5)Bombadier Dash-8 Q400 is arguably the youngest fleet in the region.

The low cost, no frills airline operates a total of 424 monthly flights from its hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, of which 248 flights are for the coastal destinations of Mombasa, Ukunda and Malindi. 

Jambojet increases flight frequencies to Kisumu City.

16th August, 2018

…24 weekly flights to Kisumu to be operated by a 78 seater, Bombardier Q400 aircraft.

Regional low cost carrier Jambojet has increased its flight frequency between Nairobi and Kisumu from 20 to 24 flights per week, making the route the second busiest after Mombasa.

The additional flights set to commence on 3rd September will see an increase in Jambojet flights on Monday, Friday and Saturday from the current 3 flights to 4 flights on each of those days. The airline will also be introducing an early morning flight on Sunday to meet the weekend demand.

Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius says the decision was pegged on increased demand on the route.

“Since inception, we have experienced immense growth in Kisumu due to our very affordable fares and thus it is time we give our customers more flexibility and convenience for travel,” Hondius said.

“Kisumu which was the airline’s second destination after Mombasa is mostly frequented by businessmen from the larger western region as well as corporate travelers whose regional offices are domiciled in Kisumu, Kakamega, Mumias, Kisii and Bungoma,” he further explained. 

The larger western region has seen tremendous growth within the tourism sector over the last three to five years. The expansive Western tourism circuit is ranked highly as a one of the country’s leading hospitality destinations, with notable new hotels, accommodation and conference facilities coming up spurred on by devolution.

Kisumu leads the fray with the establishment of high-end hotels in the lakeside city including Acacia premier, Pinecone, Le Savannah, Royal City, Imperial, The Vic, Sovereign, Jumuia, Parkview Safari, Grand Swiz and Kisumu Hotel.

The region has demonstrated its ability to host major conferences and seminars including the recently concluded Devolution Conference that was held in Kakamega town with 6,000 delegates in attendance.

The airline which operates, arguably, one of the youngest fleets on the continent consisting of four Dash 8 Q400 propeller powered aircrafts, is currently the main airline flying to all major local routes.

Locally, Jambojet flies to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Malindi and Ukunda and has introduced its first regional route with two daily flights to Entebbe.

Daily Flight Schedules:

 KISUMU flight schedule2




Welcome to The People's Airline




The April Holidays call for good old family mini vacation. The weather forecast for Mombasa, Malindi, Ukunda and Nairobi promise ‘mostly sunshine’ and maybe a few showers here and there. Regardless, these destinations promise nothing short of a holiday to remember!

We've listed a number of things you could do at a few of our destinations for inspiration: 


Wild waters

A trip to Mombasa with the family cannot go by without a visit to the majestic rides at the Wild Waters, in Nyali. They have both wet and dry rides, built for children and adults alike. Aside from the rides, they have a unique rain dance arena, flume bowl, bumper rides, Frisbee, a gaming arcade and a food court for when you all get hungry from too much play.

Enjoy nature at its best

Haller Park, also known as Bamburi Nature Trail, is a nature park built from the efforts of Bamburi Cement. They set out to transform quarry wasteland into vibrant and diverse ecosystem of forest, grassland and ponds. It is ideal for cycling, jogging, and strolling along nature trails while inhaling nature in all its beauty. Haller Park hosts a variety of activities at the Game Sanctuary, Reptile Park, Butterfly Sanctuary and bird watching.

Mamba Village is one of East Africa’s largest crocodile farms. With daily tours along the farm and a separate playground for kids to enjoy when they get bored with the tour, makes the farm ideal for wholesome family fun!

Visit the enchanting Fort Jesus

The Fort was built in 1593 by the Portuguese to secure the Old Port of Mombasa and the Portuguese living in the East Coast of Africa. The Fort is now an important historical landmark in the East African region, a national treasure managed by the National Museums of Kenya. The Fort was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2011. The kids will be enchanted with this magnificent structure, and it’s an experience they will never forget.


Check out this article for more on what to do, where to stay, and what to do in Mombasa.


Visit the Marine Park

The beaches of Malindi make perfect grounds for a host of exciting water activities. Take a boat ride by the beach, and go snorkeling with the kids. It’s a thrilling experience to swim with the fish. Bonus points for getting a tour guide with a glass bottom, so you get to enjoy the incredible view of the underworld from the comfort of the boat.

Turn up the heat in Hell’s Kitchen

This magnificent canyon is located about half an hour’s drive from Malindi. As the name suggests, the canyon can reach high temperatures of up to 50 degrees during the day. The canyon has become part of the local folklore and many mythical stories have been used to explain its existence. It is definitely a must visit with the family.

Save the Turtles

Malindi is well known for its turtles, providing critical nesting areas for the green, olive ridley and hawks-bill turtle. Visit the Watamu Turtle Watch Ocean Trust, a community-based marine conservation organization. Your family will learn about the different types of turtles, efforts being put in place to conserve the marine environment.

Visit the Gedi Ruins

There is something enchanting about the mysterious ruins of this olden village. The coral walls hold the secrets of a village that once thrived but now lies deserted in the middle of a tropical forest. Situated about 15km from Malindi, this site is one of the main attractions to visit while in Malindi. Among the things to see are the remains of houses made of coral bricks, a palace and a mosque. Some of the items found in the ruins include vases from the Ming dynasty. The Ruins of Gedi is one of the historic sites attracting various archaeological studies and would definitely make for a good lesson to the whole family.

Visit Bio-Ken Snake Farm

If your children are not afraid of these slithering creatures, then a visit to the Snake Farm would be a good idea. The farm houses the largest collection of snakes in East Africa. A diverse and interesting selection of Kenyan snakes of all colors and sizes can be found in this farm. It also happens to be one of the world’s most renowned snake research centers, specializing in anti-venom research and producing antidotes for snake-bite victims throughout the region. So worry not, no one is getting an infected snake bite on this visit.

 Check out this article for more on what to do, where to stay, and what to do in Malindi.

Swim with the fishes

For a wholesome family experience, take a boat ride to Wasini Island or Kisite Marine Park. If you’re lucky, you will spot some dolphins on Wasini Island. Now, this is a memory for the books, so don’t deny your children this chance!

Family reunion with our cousins

Colobus Conservation is a re-adaptation center and orphanage for Angolan colobus monkeys. Visit the Colobus Conservancy with your family and watch these majestic primates as they are rehabilitated and released into the wild.

Explore the town

You and your family can go on a guided quad trip on dirt roads through small villages and beautiful scenery. You can also choose the more African ride on a camel’s back.

Shimba Hills Day Trip

Enjoy an exhilarating day safari to Shimba Hills and enjoy what this tropical rain forest has to offer. Go on a game drive by first visiting the Sheldrick Waterfalls. Other attractions include the Marere Dam, casuarinas forests, animals such as elephants, buffalos, giraffes, impalas among others. You can choose to stop by Shimba lodge for lunch, and for a chance to see some animals at the watering holes.

 Check out this article for more on what to do, where to stay, and what to do in Diani.

Exotic African wildlife

You don’t have to take your family to the Mara to experience exotic African wildlife; you can get your animal fix right in the city under the sun.

Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi city is the only place in the world where you can find a national park right within the city. The Park is located a mere 7 kilometers from the city center. The park is home to giraffes, lions, cheetahs and an abundance of bird species. The Nairobi Safari Walk is a major attraction to the Nairobi National Park as it offers a rare on-foot experience of the animals. This is a truly rewarding family experience.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The trust is a sanctuary for animals who have been orphaned. Baby elephants and rhinos are rehabilitated and introduced back into the wild. The center located just outside the Nairobi National Park and is dedicated to caring for the young abandoned animals. It is a place where children and adults get the rare experience of watching the baby orphans getting fed and taking their daily mud bath. Watching the ecstatic baby elephants splash around in the mud is guaranteed to melt your heart.

The Nairobi Giraffe Centre

It is located on the edges of Nairobi’s National Park. This center was founded to educate the children and the public about the Rothschild giraffes which are facing extinction. These Giraffes can only be found in the open grasslands of East Africa. The best part about visiting this center is that the visitors are allowed to interact and feed the animals. Don’t forget to bring your camera for a family photo; these majestic animals are very photogenic.

The Karura Forest

This is an Urban forest located in Nairobi. The forest is a great place to escape from the busy and noisy city life. It contains many attractions from a beautiful waterfall, sacred caves and beautiful indigenous trees. It is a nice place to walk, jog, and ride bicycles or simply to sit and have a good old family picnic.

Visit museums

History is who we are, and why we are the way we are….. Learn a bit of history and get to meet “The turkana boy” one of the oldest Homo erectus.

Nairobi National Museum

Spend a few hours at the National museum to view all the information about Kenya and its history. You will find cultural and history exhibits, a splendid collection of minerals and rocks, bones, fossils and the full remains of a homo erectus popularly known as the Turkana boy. The National museum also has a snake park with an impressive array of SNAKES! They won’t let you pet them, for obvious reasons, but you can view them up close with only a glass cage between you and the venomous reptiles.

The Karen Blixen Museum

This museum tells the story of the colonial era in Kenya, through the eyes of the Danish author –Karen Blixen. Her memoirs tell of the events that took place in the years of 1917 to 1931 and were made famous by the movie, ‘Out of Africa’.

Bomas of Kenya

This is a collection of cultural villages built like exact replicas of ancient villages and a live museum that showcases the colorful and diverse tribes of Kenya. This is a great opportunity for te kids to immerse themselves in the culture, music and lifestyle of each Kenyan tribe by touring these villages. The whole complex is a recreated traditional village where you can also find a theatre showcasing all the local dances and songs. A visit to these villages takes you back a century and gives you a really authentic peep into life in ancient Kenya.

Go Ice skating!

Yes, in the middle of sub-Saharan Africa and Yes, with real ice! Nairobi is home to the largest ice rink in Africa. The Solar Ice Rink at the Panari Hotel's Sky Centre. The rink, opened in 2005, covers 15,000 square feet (1,400 m2). It can accommodate 200 skaters and offers quite fair prices for this exceptional experience. The rink also has trainers who assist beginners. The kids will definitely love it here!

 Check out this article for more on what to do, where to stay, and what to do in Nairobi.



Jambojet takes tray table advertising to the skies

…The Airline is offering advertising at 20,000 feet on its Bombardier Q400 fleet.

Budget Airline, Jambojet has launched an onboard advertising program that will feature advertisements on the folding tray tables in select aircrafts. The move which is a first on the continent is a joint partnership with leading in-flight graphic and digital advertising company Global Onboard.

second  1.PNG  third

Commenting on the move, Jambojet CEO, Willem Hondius said: “We are the first airline to use this technology which will allow us to give potential advertisers a targeted a captive audience who can be actively engaged for an extended period of time”.

“This model offers marketers an effective way to reach consumers who are increasingly difficult to influence via traditional media like television, billboards and newspapers.”

The airline has already signed their first client, Safaricom who will be running the Safaricom 4G data campaign on the foldable tray tables on one of the 78 seater Bombardier Q-400.

In-flight advertising has proved to be an additional revenue generator across for many airlines across the globe especially the low cost carriers that are constantly striking a balance between low cost tickets and soaring fuel prices.

Trushar Ketia, CEO of Tria Group, an out of home (OOH) advertising and experiential marketing company, which sold the table-tray advertising to Safaricom  says the system provides an average of 40 minutes of “dwell time” during a typical flight. It’s a good medium, a good audience and they’re captive to some extent.

Other than table-tray advertising, Jambojet currently offers airborne advertising on it boarding passes, head rest covers and in-flight sampling of products.

The four year old airline currently operates one of the youngest fleet of four Dash 8 Q400 aircrafts flying to Eldoret, Kisumu, Malindi, Mombasa, Nairobi, Ukunda and Entebbe from Jomo Kenyatta Airport. It has flown over two million passengers.