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Jambojet partners with 15below to launch automated pre-departure notification service

New pre-departure notification service to streamline operations within the business and enhance passenger experience

August 22, 2016

Low cost carrier Jambojet has launched a new pre-departure notification service to streamline operations within the business and enhance passenger experience following a partnership with 15below.

The automated pre-departure notifications will allow Jambojet to communicate pre-flight information such as online check-in times, cross-sell baggage and seat selection options to customers via email and SMS. 

The launch is part of a five year partnership the low cost carrier signed with 15below to provide a range of passenger notifications modules. The automated pre-departure notification follows the successful launch of the first model of the automated disruption notification. 

Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius said “We are investing in personalised passenger communications to ensure we continuously improve our service offeringin order to achieve growth in the business as well. The launch of this module is an exciting step forward for Jambojet and which will go a long way in enhancing our customers’ experience.”

As well as essential pre-flight information, the personalised emails will also include ancillary offers to drive additional revenue streams, together with destination-specific weather forecasts.

The partnership with 15below is designed to support Jambojet’s ambitious growth plans – by building long-term customer loyalty through enriched experiences, whilst keeping operating costs to a minimum, as is the model of the business.

“Our partnership with Jambojet is growing from strength to strength and we’re honoured to be working with the carrier. The launch of its pre-departure services is sure to raise the benchmark within the African market, illustrating that personalised communication really is key to delivering a great passenger experience and value for business. We look forward to continuing our work with Jambojet, and to be part of their success story,” 15below CEO and Co-Founder Nicholas Key said.

Earlier in the month the low cost carrier launched a fare freezing feature that allows passengers to hold a booking for up to 24 hours in addition to announcing a code share agreement with Kenya Airways to operate on the Malindi route.

Currently, Jambojet flies to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Malindi, Ukunda and Lamu towns. In the two years of operation, the no-frills low cost brand of Kenya Airways has been credited for promoting local tourism as well as enhancing economic growth in business hubs across the counties, recording undeniable business growth, having flown over one million passengers.


Jambojet launches fare freezing feature that holds a booking for 24 hours

Jambojet customers can now pre-book and lock fares for their travel itineraries

1st August 2016

This follows the launch of ‘Price Lock’, a feature that enables customers to hold fares for up to 24 hours. Customers using the new 'Price Lock' service will be able to hold a booking on the low cost carrier’s website and confirm it later. It costs Ksh 500 per passenger and is available on departures booked at least two weeks in advance and holds the price for 24 hours, at which point, the price lock is automatically removed.

Commenting on the service, Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius said: “This feature gives our customers the opportunity to finalize all travel details prior to paying for a flight, ensuring that their itinerary is correct”. In a dynamic fare environment, where fares change based on demand, availability and timing, ‘Price Lock’ provides customers with utmost flexibility.

“We appreciate our customers have busy lives and that making travel plans should be as quick, easy and convenient as possible,” he further explained.

Currently, Jambojet flies to all three cities in Kenya-­Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu as well as Eldoret, Malindi Ukunda and Lamu towns. The low cost carrier has been credited for promoting local tourism as well as enhancing economic growth in business hubs across the counties.

In addition to the pricing feature, Jambojet has also revamped its website giving way to a user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate while whittling down to only the best results, saving people valuable time on their trip planning experience.

On his part, Dzulkiflee Taib, CEO and Founder of Matchbyte, the company that developed the site said “The website has been optimized for performance, enabling consumers to book flights easily using the latest technologies. The site was developed responsively meaning that it adjusts to any screen size enabling people to book anywhere, anytime”.

In the two years of operation, the no-­frills low cost brand of Kenya Airways has achieved undeniable business growth; increased numbers of routes from four to seven, increased frequency of flights due to fleet expansion and flown over one million passengers.


Jambojet sets up shop in Lamu Island

Low cost carrier among private sector investors in the county

27 April 2016

Travelers to and from Lamu County can now conveniently book their air tickets on the island. This follows the launch of the Jambojet offices in Lamu. The launch of the new offices comes barely a year after the low cost brand of Kenya Airways launched its maiden flight to the coastal archipelago; a renowned tourism destination.

Currently, Jambojet flies the Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 aircraft which carries 78 passengers on the Lamu route. Since the launch, the total number of passenger travelling to Lamu went up by 71% compared to the previous year. Speaking during the launch, Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius said the addition of the sales office will go a long way in ensuring that both residents of Lamu County and the tourists who frequent the island are able to conveniently access tickets to Malindi and Nairobi.

“Beyond just enabling our customers to fly affordably, we are keen on offering convenience through our various booking platforms. One should be able to access us on phone, but still be able to reach our teams in case of any travel concerns,” he further explained. Currently, Jambojet flies daily to and from Nairobi with either outbound or inbound stops in Malindi.

Commending the move by the carrier, Lamu County Governor Issa Timamy said that the new office is a big boost to the tourism infrastructure of Lamu County, “As the county government, we continually encourage partnerships with private sector investors, to enable us package competitive bouquets for both domestic and international tourism.”

Last year, the Lamu County Government set aside 73 million shillings to revive the tourism sector in the region. This was a 95 percent increment from the previous fiscal year and was aimed at boosting the sector whose growth bore the brunt of travel advisories from key global source markets.


Jambojet appoints new Chief Financial Officer

Low cost carrier keen on expanding operations in current destinations to promote local tourism and aid county-based businesses

24th June 2016

Jambojet, the country’s only low cost carrier, has appointed Karanja Ndegwa, as its Chief Financial Officer.

“Ndegwa has been promoted to augment the team as we scale up operations in our current destinations to promote local tourism, to aid county based businesses, as well as prepare to takeoff into new destinations across the region,” Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius said on Friday.

“Ndegwa is not new in this business. He joined Jambojet in 2014 as the Head of Finance, and was responsible for setting up the finance department, said Hondius.

The appointment was effected on June 1, 2016.

Ndegwa previously worked for Kenya Airways for eight years where he held several positions including Manager Revenue Accounting. During his stay at Kenya Airways, Ndegwa was the Revenue Accounting Manager at Subsidiary Precision Air, in Tanzania. Ndegwa is an economics and statistics graduate from the University of Nairobi as well as a Certified Public accountant.

“We are fortunate and excited that Ndegwa has joined the Jambojet team as he brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the airline industry which will greatly strengthen our team as we continue to build a world class, low cost air transportation network,” Hondius said.

On his part Ndegwa said: "I am delighted to be taking up this role at Jambojet at this very exciting stage of the carrier’s journey, I am looking forward to continue working with the team as we seek to deliver convenient and affordable air transport in this market.”

In the two years of operation, the no-frills low cost brand of Kenya Airways has achieved undeniable business growth; increased numbers of routes from four to seven, increased frequency of flights due to fleet expansion and having have flown over one million passengers.


Jambojet flies its one millionth passenger

Destinations include Kisumu, Mombasa, Lamu, Ukunda, Malindi, Eldoret with Nairobi as the base

Nairobi, 17 February, 2016

Jambojet, the low cost brand of Kenya Airways, has set a regional record of handling one million customers in less than two years. In a feat that indicates the increasing popularity of the concept of low-cost flying, the milestone has come barely two months to the company’s second year anniversary.

During the first year the domestic market grew by 25% in passenger numbers. This year the Jambojet passenger numbers increased by 18% compared to last year. The demand in all routes has grown tremendously as reflected in the number of round trips this year which is at 3,312 flights up to date as opposed to 2,522 last year.

Commenting on the milestone, Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius attributed the immense growth to the low fares on offer, the excellent customer service and clear timings for the economy growth tickers in the various destinations.

“The number of destinations increased from four when we began in April 2014 to seven, while our fleet also grew from two to four with the addition of two Bombadier Dash-8 Q400 to the already existing Boeing 737-300 during the mentioned period,” he added.

The bold move by Jambojet last year to tap into the coastal tourism circuit of Lamu, Malindi and Ukunda has contributed to the immense growth of passenger numbers in the coastal archipelago. During the past period, the total number of passengers travelling to these three destinations together went up by 71% compared to the previous year.

“While devolution may have played a key role in decentralizing the operations of many organizations that were previously nested in the city - thus increasing executive travels across the country - we also give credit to many Kenyans who have discovered the convenience of flying affordably to their destinations, thirty percent of them being first time flyers,” Mr.Hondius explained.

Jambojet's load factor - a key measure indicating how many seats flown were actually occupied increased by 10 percentage points to 77%. 

“This is the first time ever that any regional operator in Kenya has carried over one million customers within two years of operation,”concluded Willem Hondius.