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Enter your details above to view and manage your booking. Please note that this service is accessible from the time of confirmed booking up to 2 hours before flight departure.
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Enter your details above to check-in online. This service is available from 30 hours before flight departure up to 1&1/2 hours before flight departure.

Mobile Payment

Jambojet brand of Kenya Airways also offer a variety of mobile payment options all of which are directly linked to our reservation system. Confirmation of payment only takes a few minutes. The following are Jambojet's paybill numbers for Mpesa and airtel respectively:

Mobile Payment Paybill
M-pesa 737700
Airtel Money Jambojet
Equitel 737700


How It Works

To activate the mobile payment option, enter your mobile phone details in the following format in STEP 4 [Contact Details] of the booking process:

1. Change "area" to Kenya
2. Enter your number as follows: 7XXXXXXXX

Contact Details 1

 On the next step, select Mobile Payment.

Mobile Payment

The mobile number you entered will automatically generated as well as an activation code. Dial *737*10# and enter this code to validate your number. 

*This will incur a one-time cost of KES 10.

Review Pay

Once you validate your number, you shall receive an SMS with the payment procedure. Your booking confirmation and itinerary shall also appear on your screen. Here you shall find your Booking Reference Number (highlighted in yellow in the image below). Please enter this number (also known as a PNR) as your account number when making your mobile payments.  


We are a ticketless airline so all you need to check in is your Booking Reference Number (also known as a PNR). 

When making your payment, please ensure that:

  1. You enter your booking reference number (PNR) correctly
  2. You pay within an hour of receiving your booking confirmation. Bookings not paid for within this period will be cancelled and you will have to book again. Do not attempt to pay after the 1 hour booking period elapses.