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Our Fleet


Jambojet only operates a fleet of Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400 Next Gen aircrafts that allows for greater efficiency in maintenance while maintaining the highest safety standards. The Q400 NextGen turboprop is the most recent development in the evolution of the Q400 aircraft and the advanced successor to Bombardier’s Dash 8/Q-Series family of aircraft.

Designed for short-haul routes, the “comfortably greener,” 70- to 80-seat Q400 NextGen aircraft is a large, fast, quiet and fuel-efficient turboprop. It provides an ideal balance of passenger comfort and operating economics with a reduced environmental footprint.

Our planes are known for their extreme short take-off and landing performance which is ideal for the short run-ways in the region. Additionally, the Next Generation aircrafts comes with updated cabins and wider overheard bins for luggage storage.

Q stands for quiet. Passengers can enjoy a quieter cabin thanks to the Q400’s unique active noise and vibration suppression system.

Average age: 1 year

Number of aircrafts: 5 

5Y – JXB / Zuru Kenya

5Y – JXC / Tausi

5Y – JXD / Heroe

5Y – JXE / Tai

5Y – JXF / Njiwa

Seat capacity: 78

Seating: 2 x 2

Seat pitch: 30”


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