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Jambojet Advertising Media

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Advertise with Jambojet. The only way is up.

Imagine telling your brand story to close to 1,000,000 passengers per year! And just so you know…

  • 100% of them are a highly targeted and captive audience

  • 100% of them passengers will see and read your story

  • 94% will have brand recall as they spend on average up to 40 minutes in each flight

If this is what you are looking for, engage with them every step of their journey from planning to post travelling with us.

WARNING: There is a 99.999% chance of them falling in love with your brand, the other 0.001% were probably asleep.



Before travel

Online Advertising

The journey of any travelling consumer starts here, online. Have your brand tell your story on our online mediums, be it the homepage banner, flight itinerary, e-ticket or online boarding pass. Your brand will be with our passengers every step of their journey.



During travel

Boarding Pass

Boarding pass

The Boarding Pass marks the beginning of any departing flight. Passengers view their boarding passes on average 4 times before, during and after departure. Increase your brand recall by having your campaign on our boarding passes.

P.S: Some avid travellers love keeping their boarding passes as memorabilia, be a part of their memories.

Table trays & Headrest covers

Jambojet table trays

Our passengers spend up to 40 minutes on average onboard each flight. Increase your brand exposure with our table tray and headrest covers branding opportunity that has a 99.9% chance of brand visibility.

Inflight Sampling

Jambojet inflight sampling

People tend to be more curious and willing to be more adventurous when they are travelling. Let your brand engage with the passengers through product sampling throughout their flight.



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