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Flights to Malindi


Malindi Airport is only 3.5 kms from Malindi town. The airport is easily accessible for those travelling to/from Watamu and Kilifi. With a wide range of exclusive boutique hotels, private houses for rent, bed and breakfasts as well as inns, Malindi is has accommodation options to suit every pocket.

Malindi is known for:
- Beach life.
- Loads of warm sunshine, sand as well as water sports and marine life.
- Fresh seafood, Italian restaurants and ice-cream are Malindi’s speciality.
- The area is famous for history and culture with sites such as Gedi ruins, Vasco Da Gama Pillar; architecture and local way of life being just some of the area’s main crowd pullers.
- Watamu and Malindi Marine Parks teeming with exquisite marine life are always worth a visit too.

Jambojet flies between Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Malindi Airport daily. Check out our Jambojet flight schedules to find the best flight for you and book your ticket today.

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