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Flights to Lamu

Lamu old town


Lamu Airport is on Manda Island. Travelling to the other islands nearby e.g. Lamu Island, Shela, Kiwayu is often only by dhow ferries.

There are no vehicles in Lamu. Transport is either by foot, dhows or donkeys.

This area is known for:
1. Beach life – (sea sun & sand, water sports).

2. History and rich culture

- Lamu Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
- Impressive architecture with world famous Lamu doors
- See and experience leisurely rhythm of life
- Rich history - Lamu Fort and traditional Swahili civilization.
- Tantalize your taste buds with fresh sea-food straight from the ocean.

There is accommodation available to suit every pocket from exclusive boutique hotels, guest houses, private houses for rent, bed and breakfasts as well as inns.

Jambojet flies between Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Manda Airport daily. Check out our Jambojet flight schedules to find the best flight for you and book your ticket today.

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