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The home of champions

Eldoret Athlete

Eldoret is the capital and largest town in Uasin Gishu County located just south of the Cherangani Hills in western Kenya. It is also one of the fastest growing towns in the country.

The name "Eldoret" is based on the Maasai word "eldore" meaning "stony river" because the bed of the nearby Sosiani Riveris very stony. The white settlers decided to call it Eldoret to make it easier for them to pronounce it. The area bursts with rich culture.

Eldoret is home to numerous legendary Kenyan runners and the International Association of Athletes Federations (IAAF’s) High Altitude Training Centre. Moi University, Eldoret Polytechnic and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital have made Eldoret a centre of educational excellence.

Attractions include Kitale Museum, Saiwa and Rimoi National Parks as well as the Nature Conservancy in Kitale.

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